Telematic Systems finishes prototype development of its Conveyor C.A.M. Free Rail Inspection Tool .

Telematic Systems equipment completed a six month long continuous chain tension test of the primary final assembly conveyor at its customer's facility. Telematic's equipment allowed plant engineering to monitor and successfully launch their cutting "edge" new product.

Telematic Systems testing services, which focus on predictive and preventative maintenance, helped a major conveyor manufacturer, identify and repair a critical flaw that had been made during the installation of a brand new conveyor system. Telematic's service saved their customer major rework and premature replacement of worn conveyor chain, trolleys, tracks, and turns.

Telemaitic Systems was contacted by a customer who was experiencing excessive downtime on their engine assembly line. Within 48 hours Telematic was able to identify the location and cause of the high chain tension that was causing drive torque overloads, broken chain, worn out track flanges and major losses in production.

Telematic Systems worked with their customer to help reduce downtime and increase the performance of a major piston manufacturing and assembly line. Telematic was able to pinpoint problems and make recommendations to plant maintenance. After modifications were made, Telematic retested the system and documented a 33% improvement in its operation.

Telematic Systems begins testing with its new Conveyor C.A.M. Power Rail Inspection tool. This first application for Telematic's new video equipment was the inspection of the power rail supporting structure inside of a Phosphate system. All the top track welds, which support the power rail, were video inspected for condition. High resolution video made it possible for the first time ever to look at these welds inside a metal enclosure where it was impossible and "unsafe" for human personnel to go.

9 /02/04
Telematic Systems was awarded its largest single testing assignment to-date. Telematic was commissioned to do chain tension and chain stretch testing at a major truck assembly facility. Telematic tested every conveyor in the paint department. A total of twenty nine (29) separate systems, including three oven conveyors and the Phosphate and E-Coat conveyors, were tested in less than three weeks. All systems were tested for one full day during normal production operations. The test results were used to budget and schedule repair, replacement and improvements in the operation of the paint department.