Company History

Telematic Systems, Inc. was founded by W. P. (Bill) Tassic in 1978. Bill Tassic, a registered Professional Engineer, has been in the manufacturing engineering and material handling business for over forty years. The automotive manufacturing industry uses various complex and expensive conveyor systems to manufacture their products. The continuous and scheduled operation of these conveyor systems have a direct effect on manufacturing costs and profits.

Plant engineers, manufacturing supervisors and maintenance managers want to know the status and condition of their conveyor systems in order to schedule maintenance, provide repair and make needed system modifications without disrupting production.

Telematic Systems, Inc. was created in order to provide this information. In response to the needs of his automotive manufacturing clients, Bill Tassic designed the first battery powered and programmable chain tension data logger (Chain-Pull Dynamometer). This equipment is used to record the "real-time" operating stresses on conveyor systems during actual production operations. This specialized equipment was awarded three U.S. Patents.