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Telematic Systems, Inc. complete conveyor Inspection and Certification services:
  • Conveyor Video Inspection Service.
    • Inspect existing conveyor conditions .
    • Identify and safely evaluate worn track flanges on straight sections,vertical inclines/declines, traction wheels, take-ups, and around roller nests.
    • Identify broken butt splices, conveyor support brackets, welds, exspansion joints, and safety devices.
  • New Conveyor System Testing & Certification.
    • Verify new conveyor installations comply with client's specifications and design standards.
    • Establish correct take-up chain tension settings for all operating conditions.
  • Existing conveyor system problem solving.
  • Establish conveyor work (energy) output.
  • Establish conveyor power requirements.
  • Establish conveyor efficiency factor (CEF).
  • Balance drive output horse power on multi-drive systems.
  • Calibrate & set drive "torque-out" limit switch.
  • Determine correct take-up chain tension.
  • Create data base for conveyor PM program
TSI provides each customer with its own data base usage report that stores key data for future test comparisons. Clients use this data to
  • Monitor the success of their PM programs, and analytically justify maintenance costs.
  • Record chain-tension signature of each conveyor under various running conditions.
  • Perform work & power (energy) analysis on each conveyor.
  • Establish energy (ft-lbs) required for each conveyor.
  • Calculate the conveyor efficiency factor (CEF)
  • Review data
  • Access the condition of each conveyor.