Telematic's equipment is manufactured in our own facilities from 17-4 PH stainless steel. Our Chain-Pull Dynamometers and sensing elements are machined and heat treated to exacting specifications. We maintain 100% quality control in order to assure our clients of absolute accuracy and repeatability. The most accurate load cells used in the aerospace, military and the scientific community are made from 17-4 PH stainless steel with an ultimate tensile strength of 220,000 psi. after heat treating.

Telematic calibrates all load cells in our own facilities. We utilize a specifically designed and instrumentated calibration machine for this process. This calibration equipment uses a mil spec and lab quality load cell as the calibration standard, with accuracy traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Telematic learned early in the R&D phase of product development that it's impossible to make a safe, accurate or useful chain tension load cell out of a standard piece of conveyor chain. The machining necessary to mount the strain gauges will reduce its safety factor to an unacceptable level. Also, this design will react to extraneous forces and bending moments, which have a detrimental effect on accuracy, repeatability and the final data analysis.

Special Note:

There are other companies that claim to provide "chain-strain" testing equipment and services. They machine a standard piece of conveyor chain and bond one or more strain gauges to it. This type of load cell was first employed over sixty years ago with disappointing results.

Telematic Chain-Pull Dynamometer is twice as strong as "alloy steel" conveyor chain. Our equipment utilizes an isolated strain sensing element with a "full-bridge" strain gauge circuit. It is unaffected by temperature changes and bending moments.

Telematic load cells are extremely sensitive to tension loads and are "lab" quality in performance and resolution. Why did we design our equipment to these specifications? Because, accuracy is everything when it comes to determining the status and mechanical condition of any conveyor system!